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Word Grab
 The Better Letter Game
Help and Troubleshooting...

How to play:

Playing Word Grab is easy, the object of the game is to have more letter tiles of your color than your opponent at the end of the game. 

The game ends when tiles run out, or when players cannot place new words for two consecutive turns.

To start the game, place a word on the board covering the center star.

Here the word TWANG has been played...

Then hit the PLAY button in the bottom right corner to complete your turn.

In single player mode, the computer will take it's turn - here the computer played GOADS and captured the letter A from us.

Our score is now 4, shown at the upper left of the screen.  The red arrow with a -1 in it shows that the computers turn subtracted one from our score (he captured our letter A).  The computer now has a score of 5, shown at the upper right.

That's all you need to know to play, grab letters from your opponent whenever you can and you'll be an expert in no time!

Additional Instructions:

  • use the Home button to return to the main menu
  • the Shuffle button will rearange your letter rack to help give you ideas for words
  • the Recall button will bring your letters back to your rack (only available when you are placing letters on the board during your turn)
  • the Word List button will allow you to look up words from the dictionary to see if they are legal for play
  • the Exchange button will allow you to change any desired letters in your rack for fresh ones from the bag.  This will pass your turn as well.
  • the Play/Pass button will complete your turn.


  • No sound?  Try the mute switch on the side of the device, above the volume buttons.
  • Try shutting down and restarting your device.  Hold down the power switch until the red "power off" slider appears.  Once shut down, hold down the power button for a moment to power back on.  This will fix many problems.
  • Try deleting and reinstalling Word Grab if all else fails.

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